Let’s Go –
We at FunLabel let our partner know the ways they can be cheated by dishonest suppliers of amusement game manufacture in China such as video games machine supplier, redemption games supplier in China. Below are some of the points from which present and future buyers can get the guidance-

1. Detect the Bad Element and Avoid Fraudulent Acts

2. Escalated Price Vs Reasonable Price – Buying Amusement Machine is tricky

3. Defective Machines @ Cheap Price – Loss of Time and Money

4. Down with Machine and Productivity Way to lose Money

5. Dealing with Delays- Misunderstanding is The Main Case

6. Don’t Put Your Hard Earned Money and Reputation at Stake

Vision – To become Chinese leader in the amusement game manufacture business and service in China by winning the trusts of our clients.

Mission – To ensure the highest quality product at the best reasonable price in China for our clients by becoming their trusted partner.

Fun Label aims to create a safe, reliable and smooth business operating process for its clients who are looking to buy amusement machines from China. We make sure our clients get the quality machine at best reasonable price. This will help them to make most out of their budget and get our reliable inspection service at a reasonably lowest price.

Inspection Service and Amusement machine games business.

The fun label is one of the best amusement industry in China. This amusement industry was founded in 2011 in Pan Yu Guangzhou, it is an amusement industry that is located in two cities Guang Zhou and Zhongshan which are the place for the most amusement machine manufacturer settle in.

The fun label is a corporate organization that deals with selling and supply of quality spare parts for amusement game machines. We supply spare parts for the game machine to the Chinese manufacturer and also develop our business all over the world. Moreover, you could search some amusement machine games business, our company not only supplies spare parts and also provide inspection service during production and make sure everything correct before shipment.